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Just like any other industry, the wedding industry has its share of used jargon. Those of us in the industry often throw around those words and phrases forgetting that you may not have the slightest idea of what we are talking about! 

Terms such as Escort Cards to Chargers, are quite questionable and confusing. I mean, what the heck is a charger?! Do my guests sit down, place money in the charger, and turn it in for offering? Well that would be nice for those who have spent well beyond their means for this beautiful wedding, serving the most delightful meal! However, a charger is simply a large, decorative plate placed underneath the plate food is served on. Personally, I think the name should be changed to decorative plate holder or plate mat. Wait there’s already a place mat. I know, it's confusing. Ehh, never mind. Clearly, I am not the namer of the things. I just use those things to make your wedding look fantastic! Moving on!

So, what is a “Day of Coordinator/ Wedding Day Manager”? And why in the world would you pay for somebody to take over and run your wedding day? Well, we are God’s blessing to everything wedding! Yes, you can decide to plan your wedding from engagement to I do. But on the day of your wedding, you will want a Day of Coordinator, I promise. 

Here is why: Well first of all, I want to admit that I, me, a wedding planner, did not have a day of coordinator for my wedding. Sure, my wedding was a small, indoor ceremony at someone’s home. However, I STILL needed a coordinator. I forgot so many things! We were running about 30 minutes behind and I am not sure why... 8 years later. I did not have anyone assigned to play the music for us. So, I asked my good friend who had her baby with her. She took care of it, but I felt so bad for having to ask her of all people to take care of it for me. I forgot to tell my biological father that my God Father would be sharing the duty of walking me down the aisle with him. I was literally walking down the long, beautiful staircase when I noticed my father standing there. I had to turn around and whisper for the photographer, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, to tell my dad this information. I was so embarrassed! My God Father felt awkward! Oh, and my father was PISSED! It totally slipped my mind. I was so worried about putting together a slideshow that weekend and morning, that it never even crossed my mind. 

I forgot to ask our Pastor to keep it nice, short, & to the point. We were not interested in a sermon during our ceremony. But oh boy, did we get one! I stood there in my high heels, grinding my teeth, fake smiling, gripping the hell out of my fiancé's hands, speaking to him with my eyes for 45 minutes! I’m sorry, but I was not prepared for that. In my mind, it was going to be short & sweet. So yes, there were many things in my head, but I needed them to be in someone else’s head so that I could simply worry about my fiancé and myself. 

I think you see my point in the WHY you need a Day of Coordinator based off my short, crazy story. But here are some facts.

A Day of Coordinator/ Wedding Day Manager is the person who will step in towards the end of the planning process, around 2 months out from the wedding day. This person will essentially take over from that point forward and be the client’s assistant and main point of contact for all vendors. We help relieve the pressures that be! We comb through each vendor contract, making sure that everything looks great! We ensure that each important detail and task has not gone untouched or overlooked. We are all about the details, as most couples are focused on the big picture. So, sure you can call us the icing to your cake, or your sugar to your ice tea. Because duh, ice tea should be sweet, period. You have all the freedom and space to shop your vendors, make your decisions, and yes plan your wedding! We love planning, but we love it enough to share the wealth!  

Your Wedding Day Manager will be there for your rehearsal to ensure that everyone in your wedding party understands their roles and responsibilities. And of course, the day of, we are there from set-up until each guest, vendor, and wedding party member has left the building. We assist with everything from unpacking the cars, finding your missing wedding cake (nope you won't know it was missing), working with your guests to ensure they have everything they need, to finding your missing Dad who is napping in his car, carrying your beautiful wedding dress train so that you can get to the aisle, and gathering all of your sacred items at the end of the night. We take care of it all. 

If there is a problem, we are there to solve it. We will, not your aunt, sister, uncle, or cousin. We want all of your guests including your family to enjoy each moment and not have to worry about who has the lighters for the sparklers or who will chat calmly with the upset father who didn’t know that he wasn’t walking his daughter down the aisle. Look, if you don’t have a Day of Coordinator/Wedding Day Manager, get one! You will not regret it. However, you will regret not having one! I promise!

A Full-Service Wedding Planner is the go-to person for everything wedding! Saving your sanity during the planning process, the Full- Service planner will take care of all of the Wedding Day Management and so much more. You will have endless help and support planning your special day. You will be assisted with venue scouting and recommendations, as well as vendor recommendations, negotiations, and bookings. 

We will help you with creation and execution of style and design of your big day! A Full- Service Planner will provide budget management, contract review, vendor management, and of course tracking of your guest RSVP’s. I personally love to see those RSVPs flow in, it kind of lights a fire underneath me for continued motivation! Then there is assistance with stationary choosing such as invitations, seating charts, menus, etc. My other favorite area is creating the detailed schedules and personalized timelines and wedding checklists! Of course, your planner facilitates your rehearsal, attends vendor meetings, and is always available for consultation and advice! You are literally taken care of from beginning to end! Understand that even though you may choose and very well need a Full-Service Planner, you have all rights to be as involved as you would like!

I love it all, obviously, it’s what I do! I do enjoy helping a client plan their wedding from beginning to end, but I also thoroughly enjoy Day of Management. I love having the variety between clients! It keeps me on my toes! So, do you need a Full- Service Planner or Day of Manager? The answer is literally in the details!  

How much time do you have to dedicate to planning? How much do you enjoy planning? How much do you enjoy shopping around for best prices and availability? Do you enjoy talking with many, many people? If you do not enjoy those things, yes you will be a miserable bride or groom planning your wedding. Or you could hire a Full- Service Planner to take over and guide you along the way! If you truly enjoy planning, and have the time to do it, go for it and hire a Day of Manager! 

Weigh out your options and make a decision that will change your wedding day! Either way, Happy Planning. Happy Partying. Happy Marriage.

Christina Bolden


Virtuous Endeavors Weddings & Events LLC